Summer Holidays: Not all health issues need a GP

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An appointment with your GP is often the first thought when you’re feeling unwell or experiencing health issues. That’s because they’re known as ‘general’ practitioners and have a vast range of general skills and expertise in primary care.

But sometimes, patients need expertise and treatment that GPs simply don’t have or provide. For many everyday minor health issues, other healthcare professionals and providers can help you just as well, without an appointment too.

Take a look at what other health services are available in Salford and Greater Manchester this summer if you need them:

Local Pharmacies

Local pharmacies are a convenient way to access advice and treatment for many minor illnesses, ailments, and allergies.

Pharmacists do so much more than dispense your prescriptions. Many people forget that pharmacists are experts in medicine, training for longer than GPs do on illnesses and the medications that work to treat them. Some offer stop-smoking services, health checks and lifestyle advice.

Many local pharmacies will remain open over the August bank holiday weekend, though some might operate on reduced hours. You don’t need an appointment; you can walk in to talk about your worries with well-qualified pharmacists anytime.

Find a Swinton pharmacy and check their hours over August Bank Holiday.

Dental Emergency Helpline

In the case of a dental emergency – such as severe toothache or a broken tooth – you might not have access to your regular dentist, particularly during weekends and bank holidays.

The Greater Manchester dental helpline (0333 332 3800) is available from 8am to 10pm every day for urgent dental assistance when your regular practice is closed or if you don’t have a local dentist.

Urgent Eye Care Service

If you experience sudden vision changes, red or painful eyes, flashes, or floaters, the Greater Manchester Urgent Eye Care Service is there to help.

This free NHS service consists of local optician teams and is available to anyone registered with a Greater Manchester GP. You can quickly get an assessment and treatment by visiting for further information.

Alcohol Addiction Support

Summer can be a fun time for many of us, but it’s essential to remember the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption. Drink responsibly, and know your limits.

If you or someone you know struggles with alcohol addiction, help is available. The NHS offers an alcohol addiction support service to help individuals reduce or stop their alcohol intake if it’s impacting their life or health. To find local support services, visit

So as you can see, many healthcare services and providers beyond your GP across Greater Manchester can offer helpful advice and treatment for various conditions.

Seeking help from these resources may not only save you time but also contribute to a more efficient NHS, meaning more of us can see a GP quicker when we really need one.

Thanks for your support.